THANK YOU for doing the right thing and properly recycling your IT equipment.

One MAJOR difference between us and 95% of the other Recyclers out there is that we NEVER charge you to recycle your technology.  In many cases we even pay you.

You have two choices, you may either have us pick up your items, or you may drop them off at our location.

If you are dropping off and you do not want to be paid for your items you may simply visit us whenever during business hours at 7642 W Vogel #3 in Peoria Arizona, 85345.  If you would like to get paid when you drop off items then you need to have an appointment with an appraiser, call us at 602-579-4919 to set this appointment, sorry we can not appraise your items over the phone, we can only give you a rough estimate, and only if you have all the information about your items ready.

If you would like to have up pick up your items please fill out this form, and we will get back to you within one business day, we only pickup if the value of the items will be greater than our cost to pick up the items, which is most of the time.

Simply fill out this form and we will get back to you with a pick-up time where we will pick up your computer items.

Our formula for setting a value goes like this. We add up the scrap value of all the items you have, then subtract the cost for loading and transporting your materials and then subtract the recycling cost of the items that actually cost us to recycle (Like CRT Monitors and heavy printers) and then we give you a quote of how much we will pay. Having all your items ready and on the ground floor makes it cheaper for us to load your items giving you more money.  Any quote we give you could be different when we see the actual items and their condition.

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