Our big new building

January 12th, 2015 by Jason Dragon No comments »

We have finally finished our huge move.  We now have a warehouse 5 times larger than our old one, so that we can process your recycled computers much faster and with better efficiency.  Our new building can process a large truckload each day, and store over 10,000 computers if the need is there.  We have also built a retail store in the front of our building, this is to support our mission that says that the best way to recycle a computer is to reuse it.  Everything we do is green, and that is why it is called Emerald Computers.  You will also see that we have upgraded our truck with our logo on it.

Here is the front of our building.

Welcome to our retail location

The is our lobby, where we sell new and used parts.

Here is our big truck that we will use if you have 40 or more computers to recycle.

Great news.

May 19th, 2012 by Jason Dragon No comments »

We are getting ready for a huge amount of growth for out recycling operations.  We are working with a large charity to process many of their donated computer products.  More news about this soon when it is closer to the date.

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