Arizona Computer Recycling is your source for all of your IT Recycling needs.  We take all of your old IT products off of your hands.  We then put your products to a good use.  We are different than most recyclers.

How we are different!

At Arizona Computer Recycling We Pay You

One MAJOR difference between us and most of the other Recyclers out there is that we usually PAY YOU to let us recycle your working computer products.  Functional computers still have value, and we give you cash for your computer systems.  Call us today to see how much your systems are worth.  Most companies out there simply pick up your products and pay you nothing, some others even charge you to pick up items.  We usually come to you, look at what you have and make an offer.

We help the needy.

For every 10 computers that we get working we donate 1 computer to a needy family or charity.  We usually look for families with elementary school age kids who don’t have a computer, and we give them one.  We work with churches, and charities to find the most worthy candidates.  If you would like to be considered please visit our charity page and fill out an application.

Data Security

We protect your data, all of your data, as if it was top secret.  Every device that can contain data will be protected until it gets to our facility, and then it will be wiped using special software that makes it impossible to recover the data.  Devices that can’t be wiped will be physically destroyed. If you need R2 or RIOS certified data destruction we can also provide that.

We never export e-waste

When e-waste is exported it usually is sent somewhere that has no concern for the environment or the people who work on the waste.  Unlike other major local e-waste companies we never export e-waste overseas.

Emerald Computers

We are located in the same building as our Partner company Emerald Computers.  We now have a 6000 square foot processing facility dedicated to e-waste processing.  We are located at 7642 W Vogel Ave Bldg #3, in Peoria Arizona, just a few miles NW of Phoenix.  This makes us convenient for anyone in the valley for us to go to them or for them to bring computers to us.  So if you are near Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Surprise, or Tempe, Scottsdale or Mesa we can help you recycle your e-waste.

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